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Google Chrome Dropping Support for Java Applets
Posted by Casey Spencer on 09/11/15 10:20 AM

Republished from DU Hub article, 9/11/15:


As of September 2015, the Google Chrome web browser no longer supports third party plugins. We have little control over the timing or implementation of this change as it driven by Google®.

Blackboard's“Voiceboard” will no longer work in Chrome. There is no workaround other than using Firefox or IE.

Pearson “MyLabs” have some functions that use “plug-ins”. Anything requiring a plugin will probably break.

Because the specifics of “MyLabs” are different by course we don’t have specifics on what will work and what won’t.

Suggestion is to have Blackboard users use Firefox or IE instead. Blackboard Collaborate may fail in Chrome for some users. The only workaround at this time is to use Firefox, which is the preferred browser for Blackboard anyway.

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Important Information Regarding Davenport University Wi-Fi at All Campus Locations:

Davenport University is upgrading all secure wireless users from our old "du-secure" network to a new wireless network called "DU". 

Your device should see the new “DU” wireless network. You should start using this network immediately. You will need to re-authenticate to the network, just as you did the first time you connected.

For further information about connecting your device to the network, please visit:

DU-Guest WiFi is not affected by this change.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Customer Support Center at 800-322-3984 or ext 1212.

If you have students that are having trouble connecting, please have them call 877-899-1499.

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Password Requirements for Staff/Faculty Accounts
Posted by Casey Spencer on 08/18/14 9:07 AM
FOR FACULTY & STAFF ACCOUNTS ONLY - This information does not pertain to student accounts unless the student is a DU employee/workstudy.
You may be noticing prompts or warnings regarding password expiration when logging onto a DU owned PC.
As a result of the Faculty and Staff Password policy implemented in August of 2013, employees that have not changed their password in the previous twelve months will need to do so.
This policy does not affect student accounts at this time.
There are two main methods to change your DU network password.
1.  On a DU owned computer, select CTRL+ALT+DEL and choose "Change a Password."  Note:  This will only work on a DU owned machine that is on our network.
2.  From the Internet, you can change your password using Password Self Service.  The web address for this is: 
When using password self-service, YOU MUST ENROLL prior to using the password reset function.
Please note the password requirements for faculty/staff below:
Ten characters or more - and three of the following four:
  • upper case letter
  • lower case letter
  • number
  • special character (like !@#$%&* )

Your password can't be one you have used before and cannot contain your name or user ID.
Hints/Tips: Even though it's perfectly fine to use special characters in your password such as # symbol, etc...this may slow you down when using your password at a multi-function printer for making copies. In addition, while your network password and Banner system passwords are different, Banner users should never use a special character when resetting passwords in Banner
Examples of ten character passwords that meet the requirement for our network but do not contain a special character would be: 
Samaritan1 or a pass-phrase such as: IhatePizza2
These examples are ten characters or more and contain one or more capital letters and a number along with lower-case letters.

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CSC Hours of Operation
Posted by Casey Spencer on 03/03/14 3:10 PM
Customer Support Center (CSC) Hours of Operation:
The hours for the CSC are:
Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
12 Noon - 8:00 p.m.
Student Support can be reached at (877) 899 1499 and the CSC (faculty/staff support) can be reached at:
ext. 1212 on campus or (800) 322-3984 or by emailing

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Clearing Your Web Browsing History/Cache/Temp Files
Posted by Casey Spencer on 09/24/13 11:02 PM

Many issues are resolved by clearing your web browser's cache (web browsing history). A quick way to do this is a keyboard shortcut that works on IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

Open the browser to any web page and hold CTRL and SHIFT while tapping the DELETE key. (This is NOT CTRL, ALT, DEL).

The dialog box will open to clear the browser. Set it to clear everything and click Clear Now or Delete at the bottom.

Close the browser and re-open it fresh to test what wasn't working for you previously.


More info:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer 9

For most Mac OS users using Safari, these directions should work for emptying caches:

From our friends at Syracuse:

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