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Navigating through the Banner Fundamentals Tutorial CBTTo access the site go to: the third link down under Tutorials:Banner Fundamentals CBTClick “Continue” on the title page (you may have to click i...
Contact the Customer Support Center at 1-800-322-3984 (x1212) or send an e-mail to '' with "Banner Password Reset" in the subject.
See your Functional Leader on getting a training session scheduled.
The http URL link in your browser needs to be changed to point to PPRD as it is cloned from the PROD Banner INB instance. To work around this issue: 1. Log into PPRD instance. 2. Click on File and then Preferences. 3. Click on Directory Options tab. 4. C...
See your Functional Leader in requesting security changes to your Banner account.  If the form is from a different area, the data owner from that area will also have to authorize your access to the requested form.
You should have your supervisor put in a call to CSC requesting access to specific Banner forms. We will check with your functional leadership and notify you when access is granted.
As per the data owners: Advisors, Customer Service Specialists and Student Employees are currently not given access to update contact information within Banner. Students should be encouraged to update their contact information through SSB in order to en...
Check GOAEMAL in Banner and make sure that student only has one "Preferred" e-mail item checked. It can take a little time after this is corrected to only one 'preferred' email address, for it to be thrown into luminis
All purchase order access requests need to go through Paula Gleason-Zeeff as she manages the access for both PO creators and approvers.
If you are receiving this message, "Your Web access has been disabled" when trying to access anything in "Banner" please load banner, Navigate to 'goatpad' and uncheck 'disable'.